Source: Ironically from a pro China site.
“COVID-19, the Wuhan virus, first emerged in China. Beijing’s late, inadequate, and skewed information disclosures accelerated the virus’s global spread. China’s manipulation of information continues to hamper response efforts. Now, as the world wrestles with the pandemic – and its human, economic, and social costs – Beijing is maneuvering to “seize the opportunity” that the crisis presents. [My emphasis]
Horizon Advisory, a consultancy that tracks Chinese government and economic activity – Opinion of the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government of the Communist Party of China on Coordinating and Advancing the Prevention and Control of the COVID-19 Epidemic and Economic and Social development Efforts to Complete the 2020 Economic and Social Development Goals, March 5, 2020
“Academy of Sciences and Director of the Ministry of Civil Affairs’s China Industrial Economics Association on March 4: “At present, the COVID-19 situation has been contained in China; most regions have resumed work and production…It is possible to turn the crisis into an opportunity – to increase the trust and the dependence of all countries around the world of ‘Made in China.’” [My emphasis]
Horizon Advisory, a consultancy that tracks Chinese government and economic activity – 韩剑:稳定全球供应链,疫情之下“江苏制造”如何展现更强韧性 [Han Jian: Stabilizing the global supply chain, how can “Made in Jiangsu” show greater resilience in the epidemic]. Xinhua News. March 4, 2020.

Britain continues to lock down in the face of irrefutable evidence that this is exactly what China wants us to do. Protecting the vulnerable from a virus is laudable but the British government has gone too far in the face of a situation with China that I could swear British intelligence agencies are briefing ministers about. In fact I found a major report by consultancy firm Horizon Advisory as reported on by The Washington Post in this article.

Is the British government simply being a bit dim about all this ? Or in the face of Prime Ministers Boris Johnson’s reluctance to cancel Huawei ‘s 5G contract, a decision which he reversed under pressure from the United States and advice from British experts, are many British ministers simply following a path of collaboration with China ? Will they benefit financially from a weakened British economy in the resulting influx of money and investments from China ?

This may seem outlandish to some. None would dare call this treason, just as in the depths of the Cold War no one would dare suggest that the West was being betrayed by its elites who were pro-communist. Yet this is exactly what author John A. Stormer found and published in his book None Dare Call it Treason. The historian Antony C. Sutton also wrote about this.

“None Dare Call It Treason, argued that America was losing the cold war because it was being betrayed by its elites, who were pro-communist”
“Since China has basically controlled the epidemic situation, as the virus spreads internationally, China will get more opportunities, including in the reduction of pressure for the international industrial chain to transfer away from China … The global epidemic has provided opportunities for improving China’s international position and countering anti-globalization …” [My emphasis]
Horizon Advisory, a consultancy that tracks Chinese government and economic activity – “How Much Can the Global Spread of the COVID-19 Epidemic Affect China’s economy?,” [课题组新冠疫情全球蔓延对中国经济影响可以有多深] Shanghai Jiaotong University Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance and China Institute of Finance Research Group, March 9, 2020.
“That strategic capability development will allow Beijing to claim market share across the globe and across strategic sectors as the rest of the world shuts down.”
“However, the UK cannot afford to indulge its complacency about the ruthless ambition of a totalitarian state that will stop at nothing in its efforts to dominate the world economy.”

I implore all interested parties, citizens and MP’s on both sides of the political spectrum to take this situation seriously. Saving life’s must always be a priority but in the rush to do this we are allowing ourselves to be played by China.

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