UPDATE: Lockdownsceptics – The Betrayal of Britain

UPDATE: BBC – The projections were out of date and over-estimated deaths, it has emerged.

How China is Exploiting the Coronavirus to Weaken Democracies,
Beijing is using the pandemic to drive wedges between members of the European Union, and to advance its propaganda war against the United States.

Gen. Jack Keane: China ‘weaponized’ coronavirus to ‘destroy Western democracies’ economies’

If China wanted to cripple western economies there are few better weapons than COVID-19

China ‘deliberately’ used coronavirus to secure global power in ‘act of war’

China Wants to Use the Coronavirus to Take Over the World

This seems to a be a perfect storm of what Peter Hitchin’s has pinned at the top of his blog. The psychological operation to actually instil fear in everyone. I’m not sure this was even tried in the 1940’s. It’s idiotic. The first thing to go in fear is the mind. So how is anyone going to “prevent the spread” when they can’t even think straight? The military has long known this. This is why they train soldiers to take affirmative action when under fire to combat any freeze state that can set in. This seems to be what has set in in this country. People have gone into Fight and Flight, and when that failed we got freeze (Tonic Immobility, look up Somatic Experiencing). The body shuts down the mind in a physical way – sympathetic nervous system, parasympathetic, vagus nerve, in order to attempt to protect from the perceived threat – in this case “the virus”. So great. Now we have an entire nation and a political class basically suffering from PTSD.

So what on Earth was SAGE thinking in light of the history of this kind of thing ?

“Alves found the changes of the National Security Law of 1969, as beginning the use of “economic exploitation, physical repression, political control, and strict censorship” to establish a “culture of fear” in Brazil.[6] The three psychological components of the culture of fear included silence through censorship, sense of isolation, and a “generalized belief that all channels of opposition were closed.” A “feeling of complete hopelessness,” prevailed, in addition to “withdrawal from opposition activity.”[7]”


It’s a trap ! Now we are all caught in it with no way out. Or are we ? One thing I’ve noticed is that this “perma-situation” only lasts until the next “crisis” or some other significant event. Then the previous event is quickly forgotten as if it never happened.

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