“For the first few decades after the end of the war, few professionals doubted that survivors, especially those who had been in the death camps, had lost all chances for a normal or even a tolerable life. A mental health professional, called in to assess children liberated from Buchenwald, predicted that none would ever be able to function in society: given the irreversible effects of early childhood experience, they were psychologically crippled forever. Many studies were based on clinical interviews, and explored the precise configuration of symptoms presented by the survivor patients. Eventually, the circle of interest expanded to include the children of survivor parents (the so-called Second Generation) and, in the past few years, their grandchildren (the Third Generation).” [My emphasis]

Source: The Past as the Crossroads of the Present and the Future: Reverberations of the Holocaust.

The highlighted portion of the quote above is the view that corrupt Psychiatry takes. But compare with this quote from the same article.

The almost exclusive focus on pathology is beginning to change in response to empirical studies presenting contrary evidence. There is no doubt that there are survivors, and survivors’ offspring, who are troubled and whose adjustment to life is marked by difficulties and disruptions. But the severity of these symptoms differs widely from person to person and from time to time; and a high proportion of survivors shows no serious afflictions of this sort at all. The occasional nightmare or episode of irritability is not outside the boundaries of normal experience, nor does it interfere with work, family, or recreation. Such findings have contributed to the growing re-orientation of psychology toward studying such positive human traits and reactions as resilience, hardiness, effectance, and coping.
Jerome Kagan and other developmental psychologists have refuted the old axiom that early childhood experience is the supreme determinant of adult personality. Children who survived the Holocaust provide compelling evidence for rejecting the traditional view. Youngsters who lived among massive violence, knew they could be its targets, were deprived of family support, food, shelter, adequate clothing, medical care – whose exposure to wounds and death was not via TV shows or video games – nevertheless mostly grew up to be normal and productive. For the most part, they healed themselves. Incidentally, the group of irretrievably damaged Buchenwald children I mentioned earlier now includes among other outstanding citizens Robert Waisman, a respected businessman and philanthropist in Vancouver; Meir Lau, the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel; and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel. And current research indicates no more psychopathology among the Second Generation than among other people of the same age[…]” [My emphasis]

Source: The Past as the Crossroads of the Present and the Future: Reverberations of the Holocaust.

Corrupt psychiatries power to rule and dominate the life of an individual appears to come from a simple implanted idea that their victim will be “psychologically crippled forever”. This takes place in a carefully created fantasy world of “mental health” and “wards”. In that fantasy world the Holocaust never happened. It will never be divulged that children subjected to some of the worst atrocities of the twentieth century went on to heal themselves and lead relatively healthy life’s. Corrupt psychiatry is an appalling, failed profession, that lives outside of the discoveries of the last ~100 years. The are a cult and follow all the same techniques that cults use; isolation from family and friends. Isolation from reality and reason. Insertion of bizarre belief systems that no one else understands or would not even believe in their right minds.

Humanity would do well to emancipate and free itself from corrupt psychiatry and travel on to the higher plains of “resilience, hardiness, effectance, and coping”.

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