At first I was skeptical about this kind of thing as I’ve heard it all before and its never changed anything. But actually reading the report (click on the PDF link for the full report) I find that the language has changed. There is more common sense and logic and much less of the naivety I’ve seen in previous reports. This could be progress !

But I’d like to see more education about the bizarre history of the psychiatry profession as well the involvement of pharmaceutical company corruption.

However the reports identification of basically the complete lack of a regulator matches up with my own research.

On page 42 of the report we have this …

138. We are astonished that the CQC does not appear to have considered the possibility that abusers would “collude in a way that thwarted” its inspection methodology. We agree it essential that the CQC changes the way it conducts inspections and does so urgently.

[My emphasis]

You see this is what has been going on folks. With competence and intelligence, abusers can be exposed, fired and punished. But up until now the people and bodies tasked with this have been allowing them to get away with it through barely understandable stupidity (timidity really) and/or even worse, direct corruption caused by pharmaceutical company involvement. It’s not a case of “the big scary thing that can’t be fought“. It just looks big because no one has really been fighting it.

Furthermore there is this irritating lack of a desire to actually declare a national emergency in this area. This is why its so good to see the use of language improve in this report. Has this entire situation been exacerbated by bad communication ? In fact, a breakdown in communication ? After all we are talking about the deaths of hundreds of thousands over the years just from so called “anti-psychotics” (Professor Peter C. Gøtzsche’s quotes these figures in his books). This was bought home to me by the case of Avianca Flight 52. This flight started its journey with plenty of fuel but ended up crashing after it ran out of fuel. This was due to a failure to actually use the word “emergency” even after the Captain demanded of his co-pilot 17 times to actually declare an emergency. Th co-pilot never did, using the word “priority”. The situation was complex and blame lies in multiple places. But I think the case makes my point very well. If those who are supposed to stand up and bellow the word EMERGENCY !!! … don’t do it, or mince their words, then the right response is not activated (like the boy who cried wolf in reverse). Also as I mentioned above I have made these airline comparisons before and they do seem very apt. These are real people and dangerous and deadly things are happening to them. They are not just “patients”.

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