Step number 1 would be to seek out Somatic Experiencing (SE). If you are being damaged by psych drugs reduce them slowly and get off of them. If they have damaged you then you will need basic natural health nutrition and supplements as well as Homeopathy before SE will work.

So after covering advice for those bleeding out (do we have a doctor in the house?)  I need to get to the programming part. This has been expertly skewered by the extraordinary Ann Jennings Ph.D. She published an analysis of this psychiatric programming. It speaks for itself but pay close attention to everything from slide 23 onward …


As you can see the fit of the original traumatising circumstances with psychiatric practices is shockingly close. I’d say identical. Ann Jenning is right to say that some of this is unintentional. But I’m seeing something else.  I’m seeing techniques TUNED to annihilate witnesses to serious crimes. I’m seeing crime syndicates – ORGANISED CRIME – that have members and friends in psychiatry. I’m seeing the multiple layering of horrors piled upon other horrors UNTIL THE TARGET IS ANNIHILATED

I certainly don’t think the link between child sexual exploitation and these bizarre psychiatric abuses is “a coincidence”.

Let me tell you story.

In 1993 I crossed over the border into Mexico into a place called Tijuana. As a fresh faced 23 year old, with powers of observation, this was quite a revelation to me, I can tell you. I had been born into “The West”, what used to be called the developed world. When I passed over that border it was, for me, like walking onto the surface of a different planet. All western pretensions seemed to fall away. Physical and social rules became massively reduced and, oddly considering the poverty, people seemed happier and more willing to engage.

And then “it” happened.

I was passing a newsagent on a very hot and dusty Tijuana street. I paused at a news stand that was full of magazines and newspapers about gangland killings (which is now the drug war). On the cover of one pamphlet was a photo of a severed head in the middle of a street. I was somewhat disturbed to see this and quickly moved on …

But later it came to me … at least the Mexicans are honest about their brutal reality. They are not afraid to explicitly warn people of the dangers. But here in the UK and other western countries you won’t find these magazines in the newsagent and certainly not displayed on the street. You won’t find them on the top shelf. THEY ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. If they were they would not be about gangland killings, they would be about another gangland … the psychiatric system in the UK.

This is one area where the Mexicans have one up on us. THEY ARE HONEST ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE DEALING WITH. Here in the UK the reality of these psychiatric crimes is, outrageously, a social taboo. We all need a cold bucket of water throwing in our faces.

Soon now.

Before psychiatry does too much damage.

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