Although not obviously meant to be a bow shot aimed specifically at corrupted psychiatry such as we saw in part 2, this episode of Deep Space Nine contains such a brilliant affirmation that evil needs to be fought that I have included it here (I assert my right to include this clip under fair usage copyright law that allows “Fair use for quotation, critique or review“) …

This short piece is part of one of the side plots in the episode. Kira’s dilemma is such a perfect example of what has happened in the UK. In a desire to “keep the peace” people make excuses and hedge their bets. “The medicine of mental health It’s so complicated …”, they say. “I don’t have any experience in this area”. “I am not a trained psychiatrist”. But just like Kira, if they know it or not, they have become collaborators. Apologists for evil. Just like those well meaning French politicians that rose to the fore after the invasion of France in May 1940, so many have become part of a sort of “Vichy government” here in Britain. They have learnt how to accommodate the toxic drugs, the ruined life’s, the corruption and the organised crime that rules the roost of the British mental health system. The have become apologists for evil.

Yes evil. 

It’s about time someone called it out for what it is.

Why does it take a science fiction series to dramatise these truths ? Ironically DS9 fictionalised types of religion in their story of the Bajoran creed of which the vedic depicted in the clip is part of.

Where are the Christians in the UK boldly speaking out against and fighting the horrors of the crooked psychiatric/mental health system ? I’m seeing them campaigning on other issues but this one is conspicuous by its absence.

Could it be that, just like Kira, we have become complacent and, without knowing it, we have learnt how to accommodate this evil while people are murdered (“suicide in the mental health system”) and destroyed around us ?

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