The nose art of Necessary Evil the Boeing B-29-45-MO Superfortress, that participated in the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

The bomber Necessary Evil was one of the aircraft that accompanied the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. What a name. But its a name that described those dark times very well. The American’s have been blamed for these acts far too often. There’s even been talk of war crimes prosecutions. But this is ridiculous. The USA was fighting a formidable enemy. After all it was the Japanese Imperial Fascists that started it. Just as in Europe, is it any wonder that the world ended up in a dark place ? But whereas Hitler presided over the destruction of people in the camps, in the Pacific, the USA were forced to carry out their own form of evil. But in this case it literally was a “necessary evil“. The alternative was going to be much worse. 

In American politics there is a term used that is related to this. The term is “the nuclear option” …

The term “nuclear option” is an analogy to nuclear weapons being the most extreme option in warfare.

Wikipedia article on the Nuclear option.

There’s another system where a form of “nuclear option” is used. It is the British psychiatric system. The “nukes”, in this case, are psychiatric drugs (so called “Anti-depressants” and “Anti-psychotics”). These are exceedingly dangerous drugs. I know. They once acutely damaged me and almost led to my death. In fact soon after this I started referring to those drugs as “mini nukes”. There was something about them that reminded me of the Cold War mentality. In the Pacific an incarnate evil was indeed lurking in Japan. Complete with human experimentation and the attempted subjugation of an entire sphere. The only two uses of nuclear weapons in human history (thank God) were the result of those realities.

Yet in the British mental health system its as if there is a perverted mini version of that history in the Pacific. It’s as if psychiatry thinks that Schizophrenia, Bi-polar “disorder”, and a thousand other diagnosis, denotes that an individual has some nameless lurking horror skulking in the corner of their being. At least this is what so many in the public have ended up perceiving “the truth” to be. In fact these killer drugs have ended up being justified as “a necessary evil” … this was born out for me by a situation that I witnessed where I used to live.

A friend of mine at the local pub had told me that he was being drugged with anti-psychotics. Over the weeks I could see his health deteriorating. I knew 100% that this was due to the drugs. I had already befriended a regular who was the local anaesthetist at the hospital. One day I sort of snapped and turned to him and said “Aren’t you disturbed by the way this guy is being damaged by these drugs“. He came out with this extraordinary statement …

Yes, but we have to damage him in this way. We are carrying out a service for society to prevent future acts of violence.

The statement by my anaesthetist friend.

I was appalled and did not know what to say. This guy had candidly come out with what very few medical professional are openly willing to admit. His statement was one of many, many encounters with this problem that have convinced me what is going on here. The believers in these drugs believe that people deemed to have psychiatric “disorders” are, by default, potentially “dangerous”. For a start this violates the innocent before proven guilty principal (not to mention “do no harm”). Also, in an extraordinary twist of logic, as I realised later, my poor friend could not see that, in fact, he was the one that was truly dangerous. He was advocating for actual acts of violence carried out with these drugs. 

These acts of violence are justified as a necessary evil, as if people with psychiatric “disorders” have some individual, mini version of Imperial Japan in them that must be “nuked” !

But this is all unnecessary. The majority of these mental health problems are caused by trauma which we now have a non-drug treatment for. It’s time to end this Cold War with people’s trauma. They are not the enemy. The actual Cold War ended in 1991. Nuclear weapons and warfare is rightly abhorred, even if we’re not quite at the point yet (for various reasons) of getting rid of them all.

But there is an evil we can get rid of, and that’s psychiatric drugs. They are literally an unnecessary evil

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