Noticeably improved fine detail with TAA turned off.


I previously wrote about the video game Ghost Recon Breakpoint (GRB). There’s a good game in there but it takes some getting at. However its worth it when you do, even more so now with the addition of AI team mates.

1. Start GRB with the “Vulkan” shortcut not DirectX. I could only test this on an AMD R9 380 but I was getting much better performance.

2. Don’t be tempted to use the Temporal Antialiasing just because it gives you X extra FPS … it’s simply NOT worth it ! TAA is so bad in this game that it obliterates most or all of the fine detail and depth of the game graphics. It really is an appalling implementation of TAA. Also after getting headaches I turned off TAA and noticed that they were gone. I noticed a few other reports of this out there on the net. I think TAA can confuse one’s visual cortex in some way because of the way that previous frames are copied into the current frame. Not good. By the way I know the game has a sharpening filter. This just seems to add further problems to the first problem with TAA and I found it not to be worth it so removed the root of the problem TAA.

3. If Vulkan is giving you better performance than DX, as it should be, then as long as you use a medium screen resolution (I’m @ 1600×900) then you should be getting 40 to 50 FPS on average. This is on my very medium (below game recommended specs) PC of a AMD R9 380 plus an Intel 4690k CPU.

4. Other settings I have set mostly to low (see below) apart from terrain quality otherwise you lose all tessellation on terrain surfaces such as (for example) gravel on roofs. Textures and AO is also medium. I also have Maximum Tessellation Level set to “16” in AMD settings. The game still looks great at these “low” settings.

There is a really nice game in there, its a just a shame that Ubisoft but some barriers in the way of that. Some might argue that this is because I have a PC copy of the game. However on the console I would not have been able to turn off TAA. Although saying that I don’t have a console copy of the game to compare with as that system’s implementation of TAA maybe different.

Happy Ghosting !

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