UPDATE 19th March (latest info): HELLO WORLD! Before Economy Totally Disintegrates – Will Anyone Else Notice WHO Director Made BASIC MATH ERROR in Causing Global Coronavirus Panic?

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I have written before about the “Lodestone” (or maybe more closely Rosetta Stone) that is Brock Chisholm and The World Health Organisation (WHO) here, here, here and here. This is the major origin of why Psychiatry (Sithiatry) is so dangerous, and why so many are damaged and die from psychiatric drugs and ECT.

The current leader of WHO matches the Marxist agenda …

China worked “tirelessly behind the scenes” in lobbing to ensure the election of Tedros, who previously served in the government of the Marxist and violently repressive Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front.

U.S. Funds World Health Organization That Boot-Licks China, With Deadly Results
China’s near-total takeover of the World Health Organization comes at a sharp human cost, as the world is tragically now realizing.

The panic and confusion we are seeing is as a direct result of WHO and China. Remember China is a Communist regime (despite how nice your new mobile phone may seem) …

The reason for the WHO’s failure to properly act to contain the outbreak, and its repeated issuing of inaccurate and bad advice, is not merely the result of incompetence. Rather, the malfeasance is the direct result of the CCP deliberately buying out WHO’s leadership, with tragic consequences.

U.S. Funds World Health Organization That Boot-Licks China, With Deadly Results
China’s near-total takeover of the World Health Organization comes at a sharp human cost, as the world is tragically now realizing.

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This entire fiasco again highlights a major problem in the world. Marxism and by extension Communism is given a free pass. Whereas Nazi’ism is rightly widely condemned worldwide Communism is somehow still seen as “being given a chance to prove itself” even after being responsible for the deaths of millions. This goes back to Stalin having been our ally in WW2 and being partly responsible for destroying Nazi’ism. But look what happened then. The Cold War. The world came close on more than one occasion of actually starting a nuclear apocalypse (yes, an actual end of the world as we know it, not this Coronavirus sham). So people run headlong into believing the WHO, and by extension China.

It’s time to take down your student Che Guevara posters. That whole ethos has driven enormous damage by the Psychiatric industry as well as creating this Coronavirus hysteria that is shutting down our communities and isolating people.

Continued (19th of March): It occurred to me that Coronavirus is precisely the same corrupt mentality that this global medical cartel uses. In Psychiatry we see how targets are drugged and ECT’ed. The public are then told that the resulting trauma and the way that person looks and behaves is an illness that needs treating. With Coronavirus we have been told that its a “dangerous disease”. Just like many cold viruses and flu, yes, they can be dangerous if your health is already very frail. Just like a flight of stairs can be hazardous to someone with severe arthritis. But in the corrupt mentality of the global medical mafia, symptoms then become proof of some huge, greater danger. How many people think they’ve had Coronavirus when in fact they just had the common cold ? This all reminds me of the same fraud and deception that the Psychiatric profession uses in their guise of corrupt pharmaceutical company operation. Any and every normal human reaction and ailment is preyed upon. Look. Trauma is a normal human reaction to very difficult life circumstances. In extremis this can get to things like PTSD which is really a Somatic condition where the body’s nervous system has become overloaded. That overload can create psychiatric systems like “voices”, delusions and “strange” behavior. However R D Laing in Britain and Loren Mosher in the USA, as well as many other doctors, found that putting these people – often labelled as “Schizophrenics” – in safe houses and allowing them to go through healing without drugs cured the condition. They came out the other end “Weller than well” as R D Laing put it. In the field of Psychiatric abuses we have been dealing with a decades long Coronavirus scare. A fraud and hoax perpetrated on society that has thrown up a false specter of the “dangerously mentally ill”. It has not caused panic buying of food at super markets. No. The fear has been projected entirely towards the victims while the rest of the population has been hoodwinked into thinking they are seeing “mental illnesses”. This deception has to stop. It is not childish or naive to think that it can. I’m not asking for a perfect world, just a world without these examples glaring silliness in the medical profession. It’s cynical and pessimistic. It does not have the best interests of perfectly ordinary human beings at heart. People deserve better and I’m not going to shut up about this until things really change for the better. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. A’men.

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