America Under Attack

Yes it is real. The following is just a single example of court action by the Trump campaign which was published in a tweet … Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there was an abused child who lived in a village in Britain near to an American air base. He played […]

Endless “lock downs”. A Perfect Storm of Fear Freezing the Mind

UPDATE: Lockdownsceptics – The Betrayal of Britain UPDATE: BBC – The projections were out of date and over-estimated deaths, it has emerged. How China is Exploiting the Coronavirus to Weaken Democracies,Beijing is using the pandemic to drive wedges between members of the European Union, and to advance its propaganda war against the United States. Gen. […]

Coup-vid: There are multiple legal challenges but we’re being told “everyone agrees” with lock downs

Thank you to for pointing out that there are now multiple legal challenges against the government. I thought it was just the Dolan case and I don’t think I’m the only one. The government has become a manipulative and deceptive abuser. They misleadingly give the impression that “everyone agrees with us” and portray any […]

MK Ultra Mind Control / Cathy O’Brien: What the “virus” & the USA Election is Really About

UK/USA …. Houston you have a problem. Your polite society is beset by this real thing. This widespread problem with so called “mind control” (simply traumatisation that can be healed using Somatic Experiencing or whatever effective treatment) used by criminals, gangs, organised crime, cults and human traffickers. I think anyone who is willing to do […]

The best article I’ve found about Basaglia closing all the Asylums in Italy (as well as across the world)

Franco Basaglia and the radical psychiatry movement in Italy, 1961-78, by John Foot This article comes highly recommended from me. It’s a fair and clear analysis of a subject that can be confusing and misleading to the British reader. The successful reform movement in Italy may appear to be some kind of radical Marxist affair […]