Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ur Doing It Wrong (plus an AAR)

I was getting increasingly confused by Ghost Recon Breakpoint. But this won’t be an article listing endless grievances so hear me out. In a moment of epiphany I was left with a Cache mission pin but with no “Press M to show on map”. I actually started reading the location description … “East Argyll. North […]

World Health Organisation Corruption & Marxism that Created Coronavirus Hysteria Proves Again Origin of Psych Drugs Problem

UPDATE 19th March (latest info): HELLO WORLD! Before Economy Totally Disintegrates – Will Anyone Else Notice WHO Director Made BASIC MATH ERROR in Causing Global Coronavirus Panic? Original article follows below … I have written before about the “Lodestone” (or maybe more closely Rosetta Stone) that is Brock Chisholm and The World Health Organisation (WHO) […]

Finish the Fight: Warfighters unmask a previously hidden enemy

“After a careful analysis of the risk-benefit ratio, we reject all “mental illness” labels for the Warfighter and, likewise, reject the use or usefulness of psychiatric medications in the process of Warfighter reintegration. We acknowledge the devastating implications of these labels and “treatments” for traumatized individuals in general.” Warfighter Advance Mission Vision Something is happening […]

Australia is Throwing Out Psychiatry

via GIPHY This was reported in the Daily Telegraph in Australia (pay wall) as well as on Twitter … “Suicide will no longer be treated only as a mental illness and prevention will shift away from doctors, psychiatrists and hospitals into community programs” [my emphasis] New suicide plan based on lived experience, Sue Dunlevy, National […]