Epic Game Over ! (Watch Dogs Legion, PS5)

After discounting the PS5 Share Factory, I discovered that the only way to share from the PS5 to Youtube without exporting to an external USB drive, is, yep you guessed it, to use the Share Factory. Once forced to use it I found it to be more creative then it looks and hence the “Game […]

Have you been ignored by therapy organisations when reporting torture carried out under the auspices of the NHS ?

I’m talking about reporting of severe damage to health by psychiatric drugs and electroshock. Were you shut down and ignored by a therapist and/or therapeutic organisation ? I’d love to hear your story. Please contact: michael@michaelzfreeman.org In the UK, torture in the NHS system (under the auspices of psychiatry) is very common. All national and […]

Come on James O’Keefe. You can do better than this !

This is just absurd. A recent piece on James O’Keefe’s new site (he’s an investigative journalist) calls in one fraudulent doctor to call out another fraudulent doctor. Dr. Valentin Isacescu is a bio-psychiatrist. Bio-psychiatry has been doing what everyone got so upset about with Dr. Fauci, FOR DECADES ! It was one of the first […]

Why we want OpenAI Chat GPT to be alive

We want Chat GPT to be alive because we lack natural awareness of ourselves and the surrounding Universe being truly alive. So while we reject the primitive superstition of animating rocks and tree’s into full blown consciousness, we simultaneously cry out for a Chat GPT that is conscious and alive in our panics about it […]