Attack of the Anti (abusive) Psychiatry Memes

Could not have said it better myself. This quote applies directly to the abusive mode of psychiatry in the UK and USA. They literally get away with blue murder. Deaths are attributed to “mental illness” when toxic sludge drugs and ECT just make people worse and worse and worse. Robert Whittaker has all the graphs […]

Fight for Freedom

From: Sebastian Lukomski, CitizenGOSubject: Can’t Believe What Just Happened at this Brussels conference!Date: 28 April 2024 at 07:33To: michael Dear Michael Z Freeman, I need to share with you, what just happened. You won’t believe the chaos I just experienced here in Brussels. The National Conservatism Conference (NatCon) is a yearly gathering of public figures, […]

Capitalism is Good, Socialism is Bad

The comments by Javier are well taken. A certain quarter has warped reality almost to breaking point. It’s as if the Cold War and fall of communism never happened. The world was literally bought to the edge of total destruction from the end of the Second World War up to the late 1980’s. This peaked […]

The Shut Down of Free Speech in Mental Health

  I was told never to share critiques of the mental health system ? What better example could there be of the almost total shutdown of Free Speech to do with “mental health” ? This has become a lot more in focus since a certain Mr. Musk purchased Twitter which is now called X. The […]

More “Save the planet” silliness

As much as I’d like to keep the Amazon around, so what if it was no more ? Actually I think we can keep it. But the fossil record is packed with lifeforms that have been and are now no more. Geology is packed with jungles that covered an area which is now desert. That […]

Proof of silencing of your voice in USA and UK

This attack on X and Elon Musk just exposes the appalling “PC” agenda that has basically almost silenced everything. Nothing is allowed to be said in person or in print just in case it offends someone. The media actively partake in attacking anyone that breaks the silence rule. Both the USA and the UK have […]

Epic Game Over ! (Watch Dogs Legion, PS5)

After discounting the PS5 Share Factory, I discovered that the only way to share from the PS5 to Youtube without exporting to an external USB drive, is, yep you guessed it, to use the Share Factory. Once forced to use it I found it to be more creative then it looks and hence the “Game […]