Samsung’s hidden ultra quality gaming mode for the UE43TU7110KXXU UHD 4K TV

(Please note this is on an AMD RX590 22.1.2 drivers and remains untested on Nvidia). UPDATE: AMD settings must have the TV in “YCbCr 4:2:2” and 12bit colour ! If you are a gamer using this display you may not be aware of this because it’s native resolution is, basically, set to the wrong resolution […]

Die Hard’s Relevance to Current Pharma/Vaccine Fraud Situation

Die Hard has fictional depictions of the same foolish/incompetent professionals that are keeping this pharma vaccine fraud going on for longer than it has to. — Michael Z Freeman (@MichaelZFreeman) December 23, 2021 You’re either part of the problem or you’re part of the solution.

Politicians should not have to secure the approval of their own medical advisors

JOHN MCGUIRK: "What is new, with Covid, is the now entrenched idea that politicians should have to secure the public approval of their own medical advisors before enacting a policy. This is new, highly undemocratic, and dangerous." — gript (@griptmedia) December 20, 2021 Excuse me ? Who the F is in control here ? I’ve […]

Enough with this darkness ! On to light filled things ! Mars, the Moon, Elon Musk, THE FUTURE !

Elon Musk in 1994. He’s about the same age as me within a year. I was there as well. The same generation watching this extraordinary new technology. The internet. Having massive optimism and hopes for the future. A millennial generation looking to warp forward to Moon and Mars bases beyond a physical and emotional gravity […]

Getting round Halo Infinite (PC) bugs to restore highest performance & Async Compute

As is usually the case a fresh release of a game has come with a few bugs that will no doubt will be patched ASAP by 343. In the meantime I found that, as I suspected, there are work arounds for the bugs. But it was very frustrating to actually find them. For a start […]

Forcing the entire world to submit to experimental pharmaceutical vaccines is a last desperate throw of the dice by the drug industry

“I am not a liar. I have killed thousands. I have fed more drug fiends than the top three pharmaceutical companies combined.” El Sueño, Ghost Recon Wildlands. “We are literally scraping the barrel for the last remaining drug targets […] if there is no clear link with human disease, or if there is no clear […]

Viganò:”those who resist the NWO will have the help and protection of God”

Viganò:”those who resist the NWO will have the help and protection of God” 3 December 2021, by Cesare Sacchetti There is a man that in this moment terrifies the hierarchy of the anti-Catholic church of Bergoglio. This man has been the object of tremendous and evil attacks by the mainstream media. They have been trying […]

But it must be “viruses” guv !

Gates thinks of everything as if it’s Windows 95. The CEO of Moderna talks about “biological operating systems” and how the mRNA “vaccine” gene splicer “reprograms” cells, however, despite their materialist reductionism posturing, we are not machines. Gates, Fauci and Ferguson may be all about “NWO”‘s but it all looks to me like a massive […]